OUTRE TOMBE “Abysse Mortifere”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Necrovortex”, the last record from Quebec maniacs OUTRE TOMBE, was simply one of the best death metal records of the 21st century...a relentlessly old school effort that was grimy and morbid and yet more than just another retro-death album. They had a LOT to live up to with their follow-up.

I cannot say “Abysse Mortifere” is better than “Necrovortex”, but it’s still going to be one of the best gut-munchers of the year. If anything, the band has gone even further into the muck of early 90’s death metal here, with a simplified attack that strips everything to the bone. The tracks are not the almost intricate assault of the prior album, yet somehow OUTRE TOMBE avoids meathead level simplicity. There is a subtle brilliance to their approach to the subject.

Most of the tracks come hammering at you like a battering ram from hell...not as much doom and gloom this time around. “Coupe Gorge” is a brutal headcracker of a tune, “Exsangue” is super catchy and headbangeable in the fashion of the great masters like DEATH and MASSACRE, and the last three cuts “Haut et Court”, “Necrophage” and “Haruspex” all boast a “thrash gone sick and over the top into death metal” approach that is irresistable. Vocals are in the Martin van Drunen phlegmmy mode with lyrics exclusively in French. A look at Matt Carr’s gory cover tells you these guys aren’t singing about existential anxiety or relationship problems, though.

OUTRE TOMBE to me is rapidly becoming one of those bands that you just cannot miss if you are into death the brutal way…