MORS PRINCIPIUM EST “Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity”

By Thrash-head

A drama-riddled 2021 definitely had an effect on the public perception of this band. Whether or not one is taking sides, you cannot deny the split of original vocalist Ville and guitarist/songwriter Andy Gillion was far from amicable. The important question is of how this will affect the band's writing and recording output in the future, and we now get our first taste of what is to come with the new record, "Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity." Wait, really?! A cheap amalgamation of previous album titles and a bunch of re-recordings by previous members is what we get when the biggest question on everyone's mind is what the NEW Mors Principium Est is going to be like? Sigh...okay...let's at least give this a fair listen.

One good thing about the music herein is that the songs are performed excellently and none of these guys have lost a step in their prowess at their respective instruments. Vocalist Ville Viljanen sounds pissed and aggressive, more than he has in years to the point where there really isn't a standout cut for him. He's kind of firing on all cylinders throughout the release, whether on the symphonic and blackened two parts of "Valley of Sacrifice", interplaying with the female vocals on "Pure," or that killer chorus on "The Lust Called Knowledge," he's just seething anger in that tone! These lead guitar lines are some of the shreddiest I've heard in the genre this side of James Malone from Arsis. And don't even get me started on new drummer Marko Tommila. This guy has such a grasp on pretty much all facets of extreme metal drumming whether he's blasting, thrashing, or carrying atmosphere. All the while, still super dynamic and allowing the music to actually breathe with how effortless his performance feels like.

Admittedly, it is rather cool to hear these tracks from the band's earlier days with modern recording and mixing values. However, the earlier point must be reiterated. At this exact moment in time, if you are Ville Viljanen and the rest of the "new" Mors Principium Est, you definitely have something to prove right now and rehashing something that has come before is not the way to do it. We need new material to put our minds at ease as fans, and we need it to live up to what this band has already accomplished up to this point, especially to shed any weight the drama from last year may have held.

Better luck next release.