HUSH "The Pornography of Ruin"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Too bad there isn't any real porn involved with this sorry release, it would have certainly livened up what has otherwise turned out to be one of the dullest records of the year. This one was a chore to get through from beginning to end.

HUSH try to navigate the same sludgy waters as EYEHATEGOD but fall short in every regard. I haven't heard such basic and dull riffs in any other release this year. There's just nothing that really makes any kind of impact, nothing that sticks in the brain. Not only are the heavy parts lifeless, but the band frequently digresses into long, boring stretches of mellow or acoustic sections that suck any remaining excitement from the music. The 12 minute plus "By This Are You Truly Known" features a particularly excruciating stretch of low key boredom.

Solos are pretty much non-existent and vocals are just straight up bellows with no inflection or anything to draw interest. HUSH is what EYEHATEGOD would be if they were a sponge that had every last drop of power and intrigue squeezed out of it. Avoid.