GIANT BRAIN     “Grade A Gray Day”

By Solomon G

Forty-two minutes of wily postrock instrumental tones, coupled with all sorts of studio magic and subtle tech wizardry, over six darkly glimmering tracks begins with ‘Munich’. The rekkid’s retro-futuristic tone of Kraut-inflected hard rock trance grooves - stretching to adventurous and playful dimensions along the journey, taking its time [while bending time], 'begins' here.

Yet, from the uncertain sky comes 'Terminator (Where An Astronaut Dies In Space)' to harsh ones mellow! The groove, however, continues to resonate alternately twixt the prefrontal cortex and medulla oblongata. A distant, early warning for those who resist the call of ego death. Heed the call. Heed the call: "There's some kind of frozen mass on the ledge..."

One would not likely notice as one returns to being, which is [to this cyborg] precisely the sonic approach of 'The Variac (His Consciousness Reawakens)': half-remembered tones gather together for a reassertion of purpose. Of life. All is information; all is process. Rock on.

Quick as a tone arm, time returns to boogie like programming code inside a borrowed meat-machine. Raise those electronic fists in defiance and unity against the looming fascistic singularity apocalypse, o me droogies, for its 'Fore (Rage At The Cruelty Of Forced Transhumanism)'!

But if one thought perhaps the struggle would be a stroll along the meadow - nay, nay! - 'Systems Failure (Uprising, Destruction, And The Escape)' is the necessary resistance training, young psychonaut. Gird your circuits, girls, boys, and non-binary allies. It is a noble fight, but a fight nonetheless.

And so, if you and GIANT BRAIN, on a grey day should chance to meet upon the platform 'Between Trains', please don't disrupt the circuit, but do continue to burn brightly as a saint in Hell.

Repeat transmission as necessary...