RESISTANCE “Skulls of My Enemies”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the kind of power metal a true metalhead can sink his teeth into! With roots going all the way back to the glory days of the 80’s, RESISTANCE are no Johnny-come-latelys who decided to jump on the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal bandwagon, but rather grizzled warriors who live and breath this style of music.

The best way I can describe these guys is if JUDAS PRIEST and METAL CHURCH got married and had a rowdy baby. “Call To Arms/Valhalla Has Locked Its Doors” is right out of the PRIEST “Painkiller”/”Firepower” school of fast and pounding metal. Robbie Hett’s vocals remind me of the late great Mike Howe of METAL CHURCH and there’s also a strong METAL CHURCH feel to cuts like “Earthshaker” and “Nordic Witch”. Are these tunes blindingly original? In no way, but they are delivered more than competently, with real feeling and a sense of power and purpose.

The energy of the album never really flags and it ends on arguably the best track, “Metallium”, which has got to be a killer live. These guys have been grinding it out for years and deserve some real success. Do your bit and pick up “Skulls Of My Enemies”.