“Edge of Sanity” Blu-Ray Review

By Dark Starr

Anthony Perkins is at it again. He's slashing up women while in an alternate personality. No, this isn't a "Psycho" sequel. It's a movie called "Edge of Sanity," and it's recently been released on Blu-Ray from Arrow Video. This is a newly remastered version of a film from 1989.

The movie has an inventive premise, merging Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Jack the Ripper. You see, Perkins plays Jekyll, and as we all know, he becomes the alter-ego monster Mr. Hyde through the use of a potion he invented. This time, though, his killings of prostitutes in the White Chapel district are the Jack the Ripper killings.

The film has a definite twisted sexual angle. It features quite a bit of simulated sex and nudity, including something that's rare in non-porn movies, full frontal male nudity. Personally, I can see where some viewers might be put off by the sexual content. It didn't really bother me, but I do think it was a little over the top at times and took up too much of the film's running time.

I have to say that I love Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, but as an actor he seems pretty limited. That's particularly evident in this movie due to a British accent that comes and goes randomly. Beyond that his performance is often wooden.

Overall, though, this is built around a very original mash-up. It's pretty well done, too. I wouldn't consider this high art, but it's also not a total B-film, either. It's something in-between. It has its share of scares, and manages to have some definite suspense. The end scene is perhaps a bit absurd, but also very cool with an almost "Psycho" look to it.

This release includes some bonuses, mostly in the form of interviews and such, but the main feature is the film itself. I'm sure this isn't for everyone, and I don't think it's entirely successful in terms of what it's trying to do. That said, it's still entertaining.