By Theron Moore

German metal maniacs, SPACE CHASER, released their new album, “Give Us Life”, which let me tell you, is a rager and a half, about a month ago and I bet none of you knew about it. Don’t worry, you’re about to read all about the glory that is…SPACE CHASER! “Give Us Life” is state of the art speed metal cum thrash, very much in line with the style and sound that Metal Blade was feeding the metal masses back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Kick.Ass.

To be honest, I wish I had known about this band some time ago. Their last record was 2016’s “Dead Sun Rising”, so it’s been a hot second, right? Fear not, “Give Us Life” is an epic ride on a thrash coaster. it’s well worth the five-year gap between discs. Lyrically SPACE CHASER are writing dystopian sci-fi mini novellas rooted in science, physics, and the works of Carl Sagan.

SPACE CHASER drop a ton of mosh pit-elbow sandwiches with tracks like “Cryoshock,” and “A.O.A.” The vocals are somewhat EXODUS / Toxic Waltz-era reminiscent but not a cop; SPACE CHASER are their own entity. Lyrically and musically, this band is tight as hell and just about as hot. The aggression and brutality factor on “Give Us Life” is off the hook, and I can’t stop recommending this album to every metal fan I talk to. They rock a retro sound without sounding obvious. To their credit, they sound real deal like back in the day, and if I didn’t know any better I’d swear they were from ’89. I could easily see a SPACE CHASER/INTRUDER/ RIGOR MORTIS tour happening back then.

Standout tracks include…the entire damn record. If I had to choose a few? “The Immortals,” “Burn Them All,” and “A.O.A.” “Give Us Life” needs to be on every critic’s end of 2021 list. If not, you’re a poser. Buy this record.