VIOGRESSION “3rd Stage Of Decay”

By Theron Moore

VIOGRESSION’s third record, the aptly titled “3rd Stage Of Decay”, is a grindy, death crusted, rock N roll bastard. From the moment you hit play till the final track is over “3rd Stage Of Decay” is an exercise in maximum sonic destruction. It’s also a throwback record of sorts and I mean that in the most complimentary way.

If you’re into DEATH, and by that, I mean Chuck Shuldiner’s legendary metal machine, you’ll connect with “3rd Stage Of Decay” immediately. VIOGRESSION has a history with DEATH having toured with them decades ago and it’s not surprising that their music creeps into “3rd Stage Of Decay”. It’s a subtle influence but it’s not overriding and it doesn’t overpower VIOGRESSION’s musical identity. Rather, it empowers them.

From a sonic standpoint “3rd Stage Of Decay” is a filter by which all styles of extreme music pass through including elements of black metal, sludge-doom, and classic sounding death metal. Let’s take into consideration that VIOGRESSION has only three albums in their discography over 30+ years but you’d never know that listening to this.

VIOGRESSION’s musical approach is timeless yet fresh, a retro sound infused with a modern sense of what death metal should sound like, namely as the house band in Hell grind crushing while hapless souls are tortured. Standout tracks on “3rd Stage Of Decay” include “Nectar Of Veins,” “Skulls,” and “Memory Ever After.” For fans of true death metal this is a must buy and definitely making my top ten list for 2022.

4/5 Stars.