SICKRECY "Salvation Through Tyranny"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you have a yearning for the glory days of NAPALM DEATH....the days of "From Enslavement to Obliteration" and "Harmony Corruption" when they were delivering merciless grindcore and not the pseudo noise rock they spew now...then SICKRECY is the band for you. Their sound is 100% set in those golden years when NAPALM was injecting American death metal into their punk/grind.

SICKRECY also have the political edge to their presentation as well, but it's hard to tell where they're coming from exactly, as they have aspects of left, right and pure anarchy to their approach. They hate multi-national corporations for sure and are big free speech advocates. They are not exactly newcomers to this style of music...their vocalist Adde Mitroulis has done time in GENERAL SURGERY and BIRDFLESH, so he knows whereof he grinds.

With 18 bone-breaking ditties here, it's about impossible to pick a favorite, as all are slavishly devoted to the early sounds of NAPALM DEATH and TERRORIZER. For me, "Banner of Contempt" is as faultless a grindcore song as you can's every bit as devastating as songs from the titans mentioned above. There's also a couple of covers from bands I don't really know.

The flaw as usual is that the songs tend to blur together and the originality quotient is zero. But since NASUM is no more and neither TERRORIZER or NAPALM DEATH are producing this kind of annihilation, there's definitely an opening for SICKRECY to exploit.