ARTIFICIAL BRAIN "Artificial Brain"

By Dr. Abner Mality

A glitch in the Matrix of human consciousness has resulted in the creation of ARTIFICIAL BRAIN. Through this construct, the bizarre sounds of cosmic science come to life.

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN are one of the leading proponents of sci fi oriented death metal and one of the most intense. This is a dizzying cacophony of technical riffing, porcine grumbles and squeaks and strange waves of unearthly melody. Not an easy listen at all and as you can tell, not terribly easy to describe. Like all sci-fi metal, this owes a tip of the hat to VOI VOD but this is more extreme, as can hear immediately with the cyclonic title track. Gore grind and tech death are the bedrock of ARTIFICIAL BRAIN's songwriting but on top of that, they indulge in odd flanged guitar sounds. A saxophone pops up in unexpected spots. "A Lofty Grave" borrows the frosty tones of black metal and subdued soundscapes climax tunes like "Cryogenic Dreamworl" and "Last Words of the Wobbling Sun".

Having three guitarists gives the band an almost overwhelming arsenal to create their compositions. Indeed, "overwhelming" is an apt word to describe this whole journey and while this can be an exhausting listen, it's also a fascinating one. File ARTIFICIAL BRAIN alongside KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS and NUCLEUS in the universe of sci-fi death.