THEANDRIC "Flight Among The Tombs"

By Dr. Abner Mality

THEANDRIC from Michigan is a new name to me. On their EP here, they deliver traditional metal with an epic and progressive edge. They wear their influences on their sleeves for all to see, with IRON MAIDEN and CANDLEMASS being most obvious.

The title track starts with a flurry of proggy organ playing that almost had me thinking they got Rick Wakeman to do some keys for them. This soon turns into a galloping riff with a touch of mild thrash to it. The lead vocals of Paul Tiseo are clean and pleasant, very much in the vein of Dickinson. The MAIDEN influence becomes glaring on "The Battle of Sherramuir", which has a Celtic/Scot feel to it and which really emulates the sound of recent MAIDEN albums to an uncanny degree. "Condemned To Death" follows and this is where the CANDLEMASS inspiration arises, as this has the gloomy feel of something from "Nightfall", with Tiseo now sounding more like Messiah Marcolin. The prog tendencies come to the fore on "Ozymandias", which rambles with a Middle Eastern vibe and plenty of room for 70's inspired lead soloing. This last track is the longest and most atmospheric, a little like early FATES WARNING.

It's not a bad turn for THEANDRIC, but they are still struggling to get their own sound. At times, their inspirations are a little too obvious here. That's something they have room to work on and the talent is there for sure.