HATESPHERE   “Hatred Reborn”

By Iron Sheik

HATESPHERE rages with an intensity reminiscent of PANTERA and SLAYER in their glory days, monstrous and punishing with it's intent. Vocalist Mathias Uldall makes his debut on “Hatred Reborn”. He screams, he growls, he has the power to carry the grooves on the new album to the edge. There are all sorts of tags that can describe these guys music: death metal, thrash metal, power metal, groove metal, speed metal, et al. In the end it doesn't do the band or album justice to label them one or the other. What matters is they take equal parts “Far Beyond Driven/The Great Southern Trendkill” era PANTERA, “Seasons In The Abyss/God Hates Us All” style SLAYER, with touches of “Peace Sells/United Abominations” era MEGADETH, “Among The Living/Persistence Of Time” ANTHRAX leanings and come out with a rager in the name of “Hatred Reborn”.

Opening with an acoustic piece “The Awakening” is no indication of the evil to ensue. “Hatred Reborn”, the album, deals with man's fascination with evil. With razor sharp guitars HATESPHERE take the listener into the dark realms of evil, the abyss to spend seasons in. “The Truest Form Of Pain” harkens back to the acoustic intro musically. “A Violent Compulsion” is a laid back “South Of Heaven” style instrumental that serves as the intro to thrasher “Spitting Teeth”. Digipak bonus track “Another Piece Of Meat” originally by SCORPIONS becomes HATESPHERE's own with a speed/thrash update, a rewrite of the music. It brings to mind “Sound of Silence” by NEVERMORE due to the fact that it was a total rewrite of the music but keeping the lyrics which is similar to what HATESPHERE does with their SCORPIONS cover.

A rip your face off rager of an album with dark lyrical content ... a type of album with a disclaimer of “enter at your own risk”. “Hatred Reborn” is worth that risk. 50 minutes that speeds right on by leaving the listener battered and wanting more. Push repeat and get driven and left in the abyss of man's evilness all over. It is a 50 minutes well spent.