“So Real, It’s Now”

By Dr. Abner Mality

In the search for the most morbid band name, we have a contender with Deathgrave. Soon we can expect Deathcrypt or maybe Tombgrave of maybe even Gravegrave. With a name like this, a band has to be plenty sick to live up to it.

Deathgrave make the cut. Literally and figuratively. It’s a rotten blast of sickening deathgrind that sounds like a superfast, punked up Autopsy at times. Sometimes that’s as awesome as it sounds…the queasy lurch of “Carcass Stew” and “Hacker” are pretty gross. At other times, this music comes across as a blur of filler. Overall, my impression is pretty favorable. It’s over the top grotesquery. The vocals are sewer-scraping burps, sandpaper screams and everything in between. The grindhouse horror element is very pronounced, which is always a plus in my book. One good thing about the album is that it gets better as it rolls along….the final stretch of songs is the strongest. The album ends with a synthesizer workout called “Carnival Grotesque” that’s right out of the Acid Witch playbook.

I don’t know if this is a one off project for the band members, who are also in Brainoil and Amber Asylum, but “So Real It’s Now” is a strong death metal debut that might grow into something really monstrous next time out.