“Breaking the World”

By Theron Moore

The mighty Shadow Kingdom can do no wrong finding super solid metal bands and throwin’ 'em a contract.   POUNDER are bustin’ out killer hard-hitting classic metal (ala the ‘80’s) with enough strike and bite to bring a tiger down in its prime.  POUNDER is led by heavy metal’s hardest working man, Matt Harvey of EXHUMED, GRUESOME, and EXPULSION fame.   With that resume and pedigree, is it any wonder that POUNDER’s new disc,“Breaking the World,” is one massively heavy, skull crushing piece of classic / power metal?Nah.  With Matt Harvey’s name on it, the guarantee of kick ass music is all but guaranteed.

The  landscape of devastation “Breaking the World” causes is pretty impressive. While the juxtaposition of POUNDER’s musical style is classic 80’s power metal, there’s a modern-day vibe that creeps in as well, and that’s what gives all seven songs on this record their venom.   The guitar sound on “Breaking the World” – both the song as well as the album as a whole – is a mile wide and five miles thick.  The vocals are clean but not weak and the chemistry of the band is stronger than anything Walter White could’ve manufactured on his best ‘querque day. Notable songs include title track “Breaking the World,” “Hard Road to Home,” and my favorite track, “Never Forever” that screamed the 80’s so loud I had to watch Cobra Kai on Netflix for a third time – and that’s a huge compliment, by the way. 

 The direction this band is taking from a creative standpoint is so goddamned rock solid I can’t stop listening to them.  POUNDER and “Breaking the World” have nailed the sound, the image and perfectly captured the groove of a genre of music that’s completely captured my full attention.  This disc is a must buy. I proudly give this band 5/5 denim jackets and 5/5 JUDAS PRIEST back patches.