"The Glory of Chaos"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here's another band that just doesn't quit. More than 20 years after they first let "Burning Star" loose on the world, Helstar is not only still churning out quality heavy metal, they are actually faster and heavier than ever. This is a band that's out for blood.

There was a certain ineffable quality about the first two Helstar records, "Burning Star" and "Remnants of War", that is lost, but you can say the same thing about Exodus, Slayer and Metallica. I would say "Glory of Chaos" jams harder than the last efforts of those bands I just named. It's the first Helstar that's completely thrash from start to finish (excluding the brief acoustic "Zero One"). But the band also retains the classic power metal sensibility they're known  for and vocal god James Rivera hits his trademark wails with bullseye accuracy. The music is not going to surprise in any fashion save the energy and anger with which it's delivered. And for that killer energy, turn your attention to the molten thrash of "Dethtrap" and "Alma Negra" for a jolt.  This kind of metal tastes sweet no matter how many times you've sampled it.

So Helstar hits back hard in much the same fashion Heathen did last year with "The Evolution of Chaos". Is it coincidence that two such strong releases revolve around chaos? I think not. Latch on to this for an intoxicating whiff of anger!