"Pathetic Scum"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Valdur is hailed a one of "America's best kept extreme metal secrets" in the press sheet and I have to agree with that. These Californian nihilists have managed to fly even under the Good Doctor's radar, which don't happen too often. There are very few stateside bands who play brutal and cavernous blackened death with the same authority as Valdur.

This is for degenerates who bask in the unwholesome glow of bands like Portal, Vasaeleth and Grave Miasma. The first song is called "Tank Torture" and the title is absolutely accurate. The production gives this a sound similar to Bolt Thrower's "Realm of Chaos" or Incantation's "Onward to Golgotha". It sounds like a tank is running directly over your skull. That's the longest track as well...nine minutes plus of brutal misery. "Impending Doom" is even bleaker, grimier and doomier, while "Blessings of the Goat" has some Bathory-like catchiness to it, complete with the sound of bawling livestock.  The last two tracks "Incantre Pt. 2" and "Morbid Emanations" are suprising because deep analog synth tones make an appearance. It seems to fit right in with this dire music.

It sounds very war-like and natural, not a strained knockoff of the standard black and death tropes. At every turn, Valdur sounds like they want to hang you up in a catacomb and skin you pathetic scum!