“The Labyrinth”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The stench of ancient Grave wafts foully through the night air and the source of that reek is Necrot. Surprisingly, we are not in Sweden, but rather sunny California. Necrot is a quality act that has ties to such names as Acephalix, Vastum and Saviours but which specializes in the kind of putrid, straightforward death metal that made Grave so appealing to degenerates everywhere.

Necrot seems more composed and less messy than Acephalix and Vastum, although they are not a million miles away from those bands. They just come out swinging with basic, groovy death riffs that have a morbid odor to them.  I love the way “Consume Control” comes barreling out of the gate with absolutely no artifice whatsoever. Sure, this is about as original as the latest forensic cop show (and how many of THOSE do we have now?) but it’s all about the feeling with Necrot. And there are seven more clouts upside the head coming on “The Labyrinth”.

Connoisseurs of the Swedish sound can hear echoes of lesser known bands like Séance and Nominon amidst tunes like “Rebirth of Chaos” and “The Abyss”….even some old Hypocrisy and that’s something you don’t hear that much of anymore. But everything is compact and to the point with no messing around and no waste of space. It’s brute force death metal with sickness and groove. And I can always use another dose of that.