by Octopi Mills

Meant to be the next Immortal album, Abbath has taken his new music to release as a solo effort. Mired in a legal issue with former band mates, he has joined forces with the one known as King Ov Hell (bwhahaha); who is no stranger to trying to take ownership of a band himself. Strange, and awful is this association with such a character, and one has to wonder why in the world he is hanging out with this fellow instead of Demonaz.

The album opens with "To War" and then "WinterBane", and Abbath makes it work, as he usually always has, and one can expect Immortal sounding music. He has always been good at making an identity in his songs, and is a great guitar player and vocalist; none of this has changed.  The cold, icy feeling is there; a metallic frost conjured by one of the originators of northern darkness, and there are little touches of his craft here and there as heard before and in times of old. The lyrics are much more basic, and less epic than the Demonaz penned words, though much more barbaric. The drums have been championed to be some of the best in his works and are told to be un-triggered, though they do not quite stack up to Horgh in any measure and are very much weaker, but I am not here to compare these matters as if in a competition of this vs. Immortal , as Abbath has made a good album here, and this can be seen only half way through the songs. 

"Fenrir Hunts" is a mighty song, having a nearly Motorhead genetic code within, and has a pacing wild, classic metal feel. These songs will be good new, fresh additions to the musician's live set, which is always strong. All the elements we have heard before with Abbath are here, and there are no real surprises, which is good, after seeing so many of these old Norse fellows try to do ground breaking things and fail. Gone is the old sound of black metal, but one can still get it with the Polish bands and with a few others, but the old Norse metal is gone, and this is one of the last that didn’t get crushed with the change; thus making them the last standing kings of the style that still make good music. The album is not bad a tall, but not necessarily of the greatness one can expect to hear from such a legend. This being said, I think the schism may be a good thing, and I would also like to hear the new Immortal with Demonaz and Horgh, hoping for something new and old at the same time. Either way, they will have some big black studded snowy boots to fill.