By Dr. Abner Mality

Scour is a massive new extreme music entity made up of some of the giants of the scene. Lead vocalist is none other than the leather-lunged master of the inappropriate gesture, Philip Anselmo. Mr. Anselmo is joined in this endeavor by Cattle Decapitation’s Derek Engemann, Pig Destroyer’s John Jarvis, Decrepit Birth’s Chase Fraser and Jesse Schobel of grind maniacs Strong Intention. When these cats get together, you better believe hell will be unleashed!

However, it’s a different kind of hell than what I was expecting. The “Scour” EP delivers 5 raging tunes where the black metal influence Is very strong and one ambient soundscape cut. The terms “grind” and “crust” have been used to describe Scour’s output, but to me, the orthodox black metal feel is overwhelming (though not exclusive). Extremely high speed guitar blasting with trebly riffs and maniac drums. It’s like a crazed, hyper version of Goatwhore’s more BM moments. On “Clot”, there’s some crustier power riffing. As for Mr. Anselmo, unleashes bestial roars and grunts here. His singing is much more “death metal” than any of his other projects. 

It’s a pretty scathing attack…extreme black metal stripped to the bare essence. Only the weird ambient track “Tactics” offers any relief. Scour means business! They put a lot of hate and evil into these cuts and the result is a vicious new band.