“Crypt of Ice”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I don’t associate Texas with sub-zero cold, but that might change with the arrival of FROZEN SOUL. This band is right up there with IMMORTAL as far as freezing lyrics about cold subjects go. And regarding their actual sound, this is pure BOLT THROWER/ASPHYX worship based on relentless plodding riffs that could crush a Sherman tank.

The approach is a refreshing antidote to hyperfast tech-death and melodic death metal bands and headbanging is pretty much guaranteed if you like the more primitive, riffy style. But don’t look for much in the way of variation here. In fact, it’s kind of useless to name actual songs, as they are all pretty much cut out of the same cloth with only minor diversions. Some do have a touch of the twin guitar melodies that later BOLT THROWER had, although it’s not a major component of FROZEN SOUL’s sound. There are some cuts that boast an icy synth intro to lend extra cold atmosphere, but it’s never long before the ponderous crunch enters to flatten you like Wile E. Coyote getting squashed by a boulder.

I’ve always liked the kind of style this band espouses but there is a kind of limit on how long you can do this before it starts to wear thin. Let’s hope these guys know how to tweak their sound just enough to keep plodding onward…