"Woe to the Vanquished"

by Theron Moore

Warbringer.  What an apt name for the times that we live in.  We’ve grown so accustomed to war that peace seems so out of place.  “Woe to the Vanquished.”  Both the title of Warbringer’s new record as well as the title track itself.  The song is fast and aggressive.  The riffs are sharp and unforgiving.  The tempo changes come at you out of nowhere, like enemies hiding in darkness, waiting to surprise you, weapons drawn.  You could say that about this CD as a whole, and it’d be a fair statement.  

“Woe to the Vanquished” is more than a record, it’s commentary directed at us, the stupid humans that live on this planet, easily manipulated by the “powers that be” to satisfy their political and economic whims, to create the great divide within us along both religious and party lines, where we falter and they succeed.

North Korea threatens nuclear war.  We answer by positioning a US Naval fleet in striking range of said country.  This real-world situation is strangely echoed in the first song “Silhouettes.” The song speaks heavily to the ghosts left behind after nuclear war wipes out most of humanity.  The only thing left are the silhouettes of the dead forever etched into the super-heated ground that used to be planet Earth.

Except for one song, track three, “Remain Violent,” the record deals with the theme of war and all the moving parts that keep that proverbial tank moving across battlefield Earth.  “Remain Violent” deals with police brutality, but one can argue that, that’s the war being waged here on US soil every day by the very men and women sworn to protect us, right?  What, you’re not the right color?  Fuck you.  You’re a woman?  Fuck you.  You’re a Trump supporter?  Fuck you.  Maybe that’s the plan by the “powers that be,” whomever they are, to keep us busy declaring war on each other so we don’t pay attention to what’s happening elsewhere, maybe overseas, for instance.

Warbringer’s “Woe to the Vanquished” is a killer record chock full of the kind of metal that’ll put this band in the same arenas and stadiums that Megadeth now plays.  This is the band that Mustaine should both fear and pay attention to.  “Woe to the Vanquished” is Warbringer’s “Master of Puppets,” it’s their “Peace Sells...,” it’s their “Among the Living,” and if this record hasn’t made it into your collection yet, it’s high time to add it.  And whatever you do, check the band out on tour this summer as well…