"Of Seismic Consequence"

By Dr. Abner Mality

There's a lot of negativity in heavy metal...death, destruction and anger...but as always, Yakuza's take is different. "Of Seismic Consequence" is nothing less than a heartfelt lament for a species gone wrong and the awful mistakes they have made. And they do it wonderfully. Listen to "Farewell To the Flesh"...a simple, mournful dirge that on the surface would seem tailor made for boredom. But as interpreted by Yakuza, it's a profoundly sad and moving song, with Bruce Lamont's melancholy "dragging" vocals and haunting sax work creating a funereal mood.

The whole album is a mixture of genuine sadness and rage revolving around our destruction of the planet. Musically, Yakuza is a perfect vehicle for the organic stew of powerful metal, progressive vibes, and smoky jazz. The mixture of sounds is so natural and fitting, there's not an ounce of contrivance to any of it. Whether its the weird tribal ambience of "The Ant People", the charging aggression of "The Great War" or the complex musical miasma of "Stones and Bones", its all done with attention to detail and a feeling of real emotion that can't be faked. By the time the last tune "The Deluge" plays, we know it's all over for humanity, all of our works have been washed away and we can only pray that nature can start over again and maybe get it right the next time.

A great, thoughtful album from a band that refuses mediocrity.