“Der Stille Wald”

By Octopi Mills

On a bleak morning I wander upon NACHTIG, a German black metal project who in a like manner are bleak. There is the same sound on every song that is a staple in the pages of most all standards set thusly to us. Bleak, slower, black metal that would be close to the DSBM umbrella. As all the passages roll by, in each other and without, I think I hear a man who is using this format as therapy or a release. This can be good for the artist but dangerous to the listener who handles the emotional baggage sometimes. 

There is a slow burn here in terms of pace, or at least of the mid pace level. The instrumentation is performed well, in a timely fashion of care, and the production is one of clarity. There are passages of synth piano, and such things one will hear in the genre, and there are no surprises to be found. Songs are long winded at times, which is a good thing we find in the genre and I could go on all day telling you things that are expected. To some this will be boring and the same thing you've heard from a few different places before, but if you enjoy this certain type of BM you will enjoy this interpretation. It has the ability to open landscapes in the mind and brains, like a drone flying over a unseen part of the pantheon. There is a “hang yourself in a old growth tree” feeling here that is inherent to naturalists and wanderers of the landscapes alike.