“Barbaric Persecution”

By Dr. Abner Mality

How did Razorback Records miss signing these guys? They are from Portland, OR, they play oldschool death metal proudly and they have a cartoony B& W cover! Well, Razorback’s loss is Memento Mori’s gain…and yours as well, if you like raw DM with a putrid atmosphere and aggression to spare.

You won’t hear anything tricky or innovative from Torture Rack but their fidelity to early 90’s DM is pretty rigid. They blast with heavy velocity and some of these music recalls the speedy insanity of bands like Morpheus Descends and Cannibal Corpse. But there’s also the dismal doominess of Grave in there, as well as the more riffy approach of Death and Massacre. They blend this pretty well so you never get too much of one style. I’ve always appreciated that sort of approach.

Favorite tunes? “Apocalyptic Wrath of the Undead” lives up to its title, “Open Casket Funeral Puker” is macabre and tasteless catchiness and “Sentenced to Gang Rape” chugs along like an obscenely blood-gorged leech. OK, lovers of Obscura and Thy Art is Murder can move along now, but decrepit ghouls who recall when death metal was the chief pastime of mentally disturbed high school kids can prepare to be stretched on the Rack…