"In Hate With the Burning World"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The hate just keeps on coming. Wave after wave of super down tuned repulsive doom with lyrics reviling humanity continues to wash in with no sign of stopping. Now Morbid Evils throw their hat(e) in the ring.

I am pretty tired of this kind of material, but when done right, it can still split the skull and shake your will to live. Burning Witch, Noothgrush and Cough are some of the dismal acolytes who come to mind while being pummeled by Morbid Evils. Lots of feedback, growling guitar riffs and a singer who sounds he just crawled out of a sewer. Happy song titles like "Crippled", "In Hate" and "South of Hell" further add to the joyful atmosphere. When these dudes hit the right groove, they are like a sonic bulldozer. "Crippled" is one nasty bastard of a song, with riffs that will cause you ro renounce God and take a razor to your flesh. At the end of "Pollute", they eschew normal doom and just come after you with ultra-metallic tones that sound like they were recorded in a cavern. Last track "Burning World" overdoes things, as such bands are wont to do, with riffs that drag on too long and too much.

Not the greatest hatesludge album, this one still packs a menacing wallop. Now excuse me while I get some more thorazine...