"Out of the Garden"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It will be hard for me not to get emotional while reviewing an album like "Out of the Garden". Only a couple of times a year will you be exposed to something so pure and so true to what it's trying to accomplish. With Philadelphia's Crypt Sermon, we have the arrival of the new masters of Gothic doom.

Unabashedly in the spirit of Candlemass' "Nightfall" and Solitude Aeturnus' "Beyond the Crimson Horizon", "Out of the Garden" is on the same level as those seminal doom classics.  This is awesome, soul-stirring doom metal of the most classic kind. Thank God there's no sludge or third-level Eyehategod/Down worship with this one! When hearing this, you can imagine yourself inside an ancient cathedral, peering upwards into rows of gargoyles. First we enter the "Temple Doors" and hear pure Candlemass-inspired doom with vaguely Oriental melody...there is power and majesty here. The vocals are clean and crisp. Then we await the coming of "Heavy Riders" and this song is indeed heavy...the pace is not quick but neither is it leaden. Doom is the main component of Crypt Sermon, but not the ONLY component. There's also good traditional metal and even the faint rumblings of thrash. After "Heavy Riders", we journey to the elder realm of "Byzantium" and indeed this classic song sounds "byzantine". Such great riffing and atmosphere!

The rest we hardly need to speak of, but each of the remaining four songs is equal. Another admirable thing about Crypt Sermon is that the songs are not overdone droning epics. They aren't short, but neither are they too long. That's a good trait because your interest never flags! And if you have any liking for doom and traditional metal, you'll be glued to this from the first minute to the last.

It looks like the true heirs of Candlemass have arrived at last. Heed this Sermon well!