“The Arts of Destruction”

By Derelikt Waugh

German outfit Desaster have been spewing forth blistering chunks of blackened thrash/death since 1988. They are nothing short of cult legends and “The Arts of Destruction” (their seventh full length album) shows us exactly why that’s the case. In the intro, the listener hears the sounds of clanging steel and primal violence, two things that Desaster deliver with an unparalleled gusto. This album is a brutal foray into a world of Satanic savagery and blood thirsty warfare, produced a group of metal veterans who know exactly what the fuck they’re doing. This is high quality blackened thrash that only a band of Desaster’s caliber can deliver with such vicious style, time and time again (despite line-up changes aplenty over the years).

There are many highlights to witness here, but a personal favorite would have to be “Troops of Heathens, Graves of Saints”. With its pummeling percussion and Slayer-like riffs, it’s quite a feat not to head bang, even while attempting to write this very review. The tempo changes quite a bit over the course of the album, something that keeps it very fresh and diverse. The production manages to capture Desaster’s rawness, while presenting it with a razor-sharp clarity. There truly isn’t a weak moment to speak of here (something that can’t be said of many other bands on their seventh full length).  What more needs to be said, really? Seek this bastard out by any means possible!