“Final Man”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Boy, this is some raw musical sewage right here. Hailing from Australia, Contaminated approach death metal in the sickest manner possible. They remind me a lot of Denmark’s pestilential Undergang in their sheer avalanche of down-tuned and repulsive filth. This is an album that succeeds strictly by brute force.

There’s quite a bit of Swedish death metal here, especially Grave and Carnage, but there’s also a good deal of early Incantation as well. There is low-tuned oozing doom to be found in “Their Future” and the horror-infused “Mired In Shit”. Yep, you can tell these boys are out to uplift. I don’t know how the lead vocalist does it, but he nails that deep and cavernous tone that early Incantation and Grave had in abundance. That adds immeasurably to the sickening atmosphere of “Final Man”. There are also tunes like “Boneless Mass” and the title track that are brief but raw blasts of death metal fury.

This is one record you can describe as SICK.  If that’s what you look for in an album, then Contaminated are gonna be your heroes. All others, beware!