By Dr. Abner Mality

SARCATOR arrives like a long lost friend you haven’t seen in years walking through the door. Or rather, smashing the door down. This band recreates a classic sound of years past with authenticity and bite. Imagine “Beneath The Remains” era SEPULTURA mixed with SODOM or KREATOR from around 1987, with a light dusting of Swedish death. That’s the sound of SARCATOR.

What is mind-blowing about the band is the fact that lead guitars and vocals are provided by a 16 year old who may not even be able to play a club that serves booze. The oldest member of SARCATOR is a mere 20 years old. Yet these guys sound like they came out of a time warp from 1992 or so. Now it must be said that the aforementioned teen is the son of Marko Tervonen from Swedish death veterans THE CROWN. Even so, the fidelity with which these guys create raging rifferama like prime SEPULTURA or SODOM is jaw dropping. Listen to “Deicidal” and believe!

The sound on this record is also spot on. It’s not too dry and definitely not the oversaturated sludge of most modern metal. It hits just the right note from first killer track “Abyssal Angel” right to the KREATOR style thrash of “Purgatory Unleashed”. OK, there’s nothing original about what SARCATOR is doing, but man, they do it so well and like I said before, this album is like the return of a long lost headbanging brother from back in the day. Old school death thrashers cannot pass this one up!