"Evolution of Evil"

By Theron Moore

Super heavy, great sounding death metal from Madison, Wisconsin.  Love it.  Another reason why Madcity is / has been the epicenter of great music since the early 80’s.  But don’t tell anyone, God forbid we get anything going, right?  But holy shit, if Casket Robbery keeps delivering like they do here, on “Evolution of Evil,” Madcity’s goin’ on the map.  “Blood Bathory,” track two got my attention and glued me to the record. Track three, “Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre” solidified it for me.  

I had this unsettling vibe of evil and darkness coming through my headphones that got under my skin.  Three songs in I knew Casket Robbery was the real deal.  It was the same feeling I got when I heard Broken Hope for the first time back in the early 90’s.  “What the hell is this??”  Answer:  death metal made the way it should be.  Brutal and unforgiving.  The band is also super adept at placing cool soundbytes in songs that mesh perfectly with the music. Witness “Undead Living Hell” as the perfect example of such.  2:08 of creepy, awesome weirdness.  

The production on this record is killer as well.  Production really makes or breaks a record, especially with a heavy band where that “sound” needs to come through and shake a ribcage on 11.    You get that here.  Casket Robbery is most certainly their own band when it comes to their sound but I do hear a little bit of Broken Hope, who I mentioned before, and a healthy dose of Death as well.   “Evolution of Evil” is crushing magnificence.  Buy it.