"Nexus of Teeth"

By El Chief

New bands have a history of hardships to overcome before they can breakthrough. In the case of death metal neophytes, Hyperdontia, they had to scour three countries before they could find the right mix of players. The resulting work ("Nexus of Teeth") reveals all that work could bear some promising fruit in the coming decade.

"Purging through Flesh" plays like boilerplate death metal before the band shifts gears in what is essentially a long breakdown to close out the song. But instead of playing open chords to a wall of blast beats, the guitarists take turns doing their best Jeff Hanneman impressions. The wails of feedback conjured by Hyperdontia can't exactly coax the same sinister spirits as the late-Slayer axe-slinger, but it is a ballsy statement for a new band to make.

For the duration of "Nexus of Teeth," Hyperdontia are able to blend elements of grindcore, death metal and post-modern vocals into a unique sludge of filth. As their name implies, the hooks have a lot of teeth, and it's a solid web of horrors that the guys are able to spin, one with any luck will ensnare a legion of new fans across the globe.