By Dr. Abner Mality

Meatwound is following in the proud tradition of bands playing ugly, thuggish music  and having names made of two nouns. Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh are mentioned in the press sheet and indeed, you can sure hear traces of those bands in the hate filled cacophony of Meatwound.

Listening to "Addio" is like swimming through the New York sewer system. Filth surrounds you on every side. It's super-bassy, extremely noisy and based more on rhythm than typical metal. This is where similarity to certain noise-based alternative acts like Swans, Lard, Jesus Lizard and that ilk comes in. The album is short and that may not be such a bad thing, because an hour of tunes like "I Am Transgressor" and the aptly named "In Toilet" might lead to boredom. Don't look for melody or hidden nuances. "Goliath" is very much like being at ground zero when the coal mine collapses, with tuneless vocal bellows adding to the fun. My personal pick here is "Hand of God", which sounds a bit different and has more noticeable metal riffing.

I can't help contrasting this with Magic Bullet Records' other recent release from Harmonic Cross. That band was about as drifting and relaxed as a boat ride on a foggy lake. Meatwound is like being on a decayed tugboat overrrun  by zombies in the middle of a firefight. That both bands can inhabit the same label is a statement.