"Butchering The Colossus”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Bear Mace” sounds like a pretty heavy thing to get hit with. And it is. Unless they mean spray instead of medieval weapon.

This Chicago band means serious business and is another great addition to Murder City’s collection of brutish death metal bands. These guys could play right alongside Cianide or Cardiac Arrest and more than hold their own. This is incredibly hooky but heavy death metal with easy to digest riffs and a relentless blunt nosed attack. Very much in the mode of Massacre, Benediction or those Chicago favorites I mentioned earlier. These eight tunes run right over you like a Sherman tank.

The biggest weapon in Bear Mace’s arsenal is their vocalist Lord Devourer. I could listen to this dude all night long while performing my nefarious experiments. His voice is such a warm gruesome roar, it makes me moist. No, not that way. Yet you can understand what he is saying. He is one of the most articulate death growlers I have heard in a long, long time and he adds a lot of punch to already potent tunes such as “Death of A Constellation”, “Wheel of Despair” and “Anguirus the Destroyer” (A kaiju tune is another way to win approval from yours truly!)  There is also a sizable dose of classic metal within Bear Mace’s deathly assault, with surprisingly deft lead guitar work.
This band just kicks ass with ferocious, infectious glee and they are one of my favorite discoveries of this admittedly young year. Another killer Chicago band!