“Negative Life” 

by Thor

Replicant is a trio out of New Jersey with a new album called “Negative Life” and before I write anything else, I want to cut right to the chase and let you know that you HAVE TO HEAR THIS….

One of the things about loving extreme music – that is, listening to it, performing it, and writing about it – is that the older I get, the more it takes to move the needle or even just make me pay attention.  It’s not because bands are less good than they were 25 years ago.  Quite to the contrary, everyone is good these days.  As such, it all comes down to originality.  Uniqueness.  Creativity.  And, even still, familiarity.  With the genre and its billion sub-genres saturated to capacity, accomplishing any of these traits is no easy feat.

Getting back to Replicant and their incredible new album “Negative Life,” I thought I’d heard EVERYTHING…but I haven’t heard anything like this in all my years of immersing myself in this music.

These three guys play a style that you’d have to call death metal.  But there are things happening here that are so bizarre and not rooted in metal at all, yet every second of this album is savage -- I’m talking, blasphemously heavy.  It recalls old Morbid Angel and other tried and true things that give “Negative Life” enough familiarity to keep it from getting too alien and yet it’s so, so, so fucking different.

It’s like old school death metal, but from an alternate universe where extreme music evolved in a similar but not identical way to the way it did here.  Does that make sense?  No?  Okay….

Trust me. Go out and buy Replicant’s “Negative Life.” It features guttural vocals, and super heavy riffs throughout – hell, the very first riff of the album will make your neck muscles reflexively start thrashin’ – but there are things you will encounter that will be brand new and THAT is why the underground exists in the first place.