"Necropolis Transparent"

By Dr. Abner Mality

"Necropolis Transparent" is the latest from grind supergroup Lock Up and like the previous Lock Up efforts, it delivers a punishing collection of well recorded and viciously played ifs, ands or buts. This is surely what most fans of the genre are looking for.

But I just wonder if it could be something more. The lack of surprise here is rather off putting, seeing as how many grind bands such as Napalm Death (home band of Lock Up's Shane Embury) toss in some deivations from the formula. No such deviation exists here, it's all pummeling all the time. Many of the songs seem to go by without leaving a lasting mark...some of those that were a bit more memorable included "Parasite Drama", "Rage Incarnate Reborn" and "Vomiting Evil". Those all have the skankier mosh riffs that I crave. I kind of wonder why Shane has two side projects, Lock Up and Venomous Concept, that cover the same territory as Napalm Death. Wouldn't seem to be much of a challenge. His NWOBHM-influenced project Absolute Power sounds more refreshing and interesting. As for the other members, Tompa Lindberg screams his nuts off as usual, Nick Barker blasts away like a demon from hell and new man Anton Reisenegger from Criminal and Chile's Pentagram fits right in.

It all kicks ass, but seems kind of business-like to me. More underground grind bands such as Noisear, Insect Warfare and Looking For An Answer seem a bit more dangerous and gritty. Still, it's gotta be said, Lock Up will satisfy the grind beast for most of us.