"Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter"

by El Chief

Something exceedingly foul is sinking to the muddy depths of the Ohio River, but have no fear, it's not a barge laden down with chemical barrels, it's the third full-length from death metal up-and-comers Faithxtractor. 

Once you get past another utterly unnecessary opening track, "Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter" will expose your deepest fears while hog-tying you to the guillotine. The guitar chops are furious and relentless and about as heavy as anything this side of Cattle Decapitation. By the time "Spiritual Fog Dissolve" rolls in, the twin vocal attack even sounds like they are emerging from the magical vocal cords of Travis Ryan. 

Whereas a lot of newer bands tire out quickly, Faithxtractor keeps the amps churning, yielding a record that is enjoyable from nearly start (there's that damn atmospheric opening track to quickly skip past) to finish. If they can also do something about that ridiculously woeful band name, the Cincinnati, Ohio natives might start gaining traction in a niche that seems otherwise resistant to emerging acts.