“Ageing Accelerator”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re looking for unpredictable death metal that will make your head spin like a centrifuge, look no further. Defect Designer is definitely on the oddball side of the DM equation so expect no easy and catchy old school riffs here. It is really hard to put a finger on this, but maybe a combination of prime Cryptopsy and Strapping Young Lad gives a vague hint.

Hailing from Norway, this band is not a bunch of neophytes.  Perhaps the Cryptopsy connection is understandable because Cryptopsy drum maniac  Flo Mournier also hits the skins here (though not when the band plays live).  We also have members of Greece’s Septicflesh and Sweden’s Trollfest on hand.

“Corpsewatcher” initiates the ride with a roaring blast of downtuned, choppy riffs. This shit is heavy right out of the gate, but the time changes and riffing are pretty tech-y and unpredictable. The album definitely gets stranger as it goes along. “I Remember You Dead” is too much on the whacky side for me to take, with psychedelic  interludes, keys, clean poppy vocals and prog influences.  The amount of weirdness just causes it to go off the rails.  “Berenice” is a little bit better at adding unusual influences into a heavy framework…the 70’s organ sound fits pretty well. On the whole, I prefer the angular brutality of tunes like “Crusaders” and “Flies on My Lips”.

Not everything on “Ageing Accelerator” works perfectly, but it’s good to see a death metal band trying to push the envelope instead of just rehashing the usual Cannibal Corpse or Entombed clichés.