"Victims Beyond All Help"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I cannot believe that in 2013 we finally get the rightful successor to Sepultura's "Beneath the Remains" from a band located in Winnipeg, Canada. But I must, because Besieged have just blown my head right the hell off, with a forty megaton warhead of pure bestial thrash! So this is how they keep warm during those brutal Winnipeg winters!

Just when you thought the thrash revival was running out of steam, a whole horde of new contenders enter to knock your teeth down your throat. After being ear-raped by Noisem last week, now Besieged are here to finish me off. This is brutal! From the first ten seconds of "Internal Suffering", I am blown away! Just listen to this evil motherfucker! No party time "dude" thrash here....this exists only to kill. For 31 minutes, you get attacked by remorseless yet very well constructed thrash. The riffing is just so intense on the likes of "Death", "The End" and the brilliant title track. The production, the vocals, the way the tracks are put together....this is something you just don't hear that much of these days.

I don't think my neck will ever been the same after Besieged. For God's sake, do not miss these guys if you seek thrash at its purest!