“Manor of Infinite Form”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Tomb Mold is the perfect name for this Canadian bunch as they have the creepy texture of fungal growth on the walls of a time-ravaged crypt. As you might suspect, it is sepulchral and “rotten” sounding death metal, but there’s a bit more than the usual cryptic shtick going on here. Tomb Mold’s songwriting unfolds in some unexpected ways.

Take the opening title track for instance. It has the ugly sound you hear from the likes of Necrot and Vastum, but there’s a peculiar kind of melody to it that offers more than vomit-inducing gore. Interesting time changes and guitar licks bring to mind Death in the “Spiritual Healing” or even “Human” eras, but filtered through a lot of grime and grue. “Two Worlds Become One” is another track where this influence can be heard. On the other hand, there’s also a lot of straight up roaring death to be found in “Blood Mirror” and “Gored Embrace”. Not much subtlety in those, but because Tomb Mold throws the occasional ringer at you, this album holds my attention more than usual.

I suspect we will be hearing more from these guys in the coming years!