by Thor

Italy’s champions of death metal – and I mean THEE champs – Hideous Divinity have returned with “Adveniens,” a new album brought to us courtesy of Unique Leader.

This album is a remarkable slab of death metal in every sense of the word.  These guys play arguably the finest, most ambitious, intelligent and technically triumphant music there is at this moment in time, never mind that it’s frighteningly brutal death metal, too.

Song names such as “Ages Die,” “Feeding Off the Blind,” “When Flesh Unfolds,” and “Embodiment of Chaos” should conjure up the assuredness that the concepts festering on “Adveniens” are as heady as they are savage.  These high-concept terrors are buttressed by a soundscape that’s incredibly dynamic and various, while managing to still be paradoxically brutal in its entirety.  At the risk of sounding insufferably hyperbolic, I must assure you this: “Adveniens” is an astonishing musical accomplishment.

But what’s weird is…that I’ve had trouble listening to it very long or often since I first played the review promo.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been attacked by every weapon that extreme music has in its arsenal since the mid-‘80s, so the musical perfection of “Adveniens” doesn’t have the allure it would have had 20 years ago, or maybe the album’s got a bit of that Unique Leader thing going on….  Now, UL is among the very best metal labels there is.  That’s inarguable.  BUT, they put out such polished and perfect recordings that something seems to get lost in the refinement.  And I know that’s such a shitty thing to pick on, but it’s true.  

Hideous Divinity’s “Adveniens” is literally as good as it gets.  It’s spectacular.  But, weirdly it’s also a little lifeless.  It lacks that intangible, visceral tug that keeps pulling me back and, in a sense, it might be because it’s too good (yeah, yeah…I know).  

I’ll finish with this: “Too good” beats “Bad,” hands down.  So, go buy it.