By Octopi Mills

From the metal lands of Wisconsin comes Shroud of Despondency this evening, and the album is a self-released one entitled "Pine". Main composer Rory Heikkila says much in the promo, and tells of a new singer, and influences are suggested from death, black, and even prog genres, as is further stated that the band does not care for labels. Well, we shall see if all that matters now that in this hour, and we shall see what words shall mean thus.

 After an opening piece that is comparable to a lot of other and same modern black metal bands who all do ambient tracks in a like manner(as is the album art itself), a snarling, fast and guitar driven set of blasting sets off, blazing with ringing strings and rumbling drums and though done well and executed there is something that is all done to me already. The theme of "Pine" seems an artistic one in the sense, and it is as if it is translated by space aliens who have first met a Pine tree and not from a animal perspective. Surely.I find myself interested in moments, though not enough, and there are indeed some parts that are well done, but overall it feels to Octopi Mills like the saturated, familiar modern metal that you have heard in all the above mentioned genres, but done with more dynamics than the big herd but without the blood and ancestral conviction of the founding fathers of the realm , and done in a "catchy" sort of manner, perhaps  for it's own sake. This music is not terrible but what does it offer someone who wants to listen to sure things, tried and true or even the searcher, who is looking for something more?

In the end, I have pulled the reigns, and will end this review early and say I have no interest in revisiting the album at this time.