“Deliverance From the Godless Void”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is Desolate Shrine’s fourth album so they didn’t just fall off the hearse. They possess many of the qualities that fans of extreme metal are looking for, but there was just something about “Deliverance From the Godless Void” that didn’t click with me.

They definitely don’t hold back when it comes to the extreme end of things. Their music is fast and raw, with aspects of both death and black metal. But when it comes to memorable songwriting, it just doesn’t register. “The Primordial One” is a super harsh blast of blackened death but doesn’t stick in the head. Much the same can be said for “Demonic Evocation Prayer” and “Lord of the Three Realms”…raw and nasty, but just flowing through my head without leaving a mark. The band is better when they focus on doomier tones…”Unmask the Face of False” is quite an excellent slab of black-tinged doom, with a memorable hook the other songs lack. “The Silent Star” Is another good tune in a similar vein.

Desolate Shrine do try to mix things up…for example, “The Graeae” begins with sparse acoustic tones and there’s even some keyboard atmosphere elsewhere. In the end analysis, I was not a huge fan of the album, but I can chalk that up to personal taste. If you like epic blackened death metal, you might feel differently.