"I vs. The Glacier"

By Dr. Abner Mality

As hard as I might try, I can't bring myself to slam this album. Criticize it ,maybe...acknowledge its imperfections, sure. But this thing is so damn likable that you can't help but headbang and play air guitar furiously while listening to it.

Clamfight hail from the storm-wracked beaches of Jersey and are yet another in the endless procession of "beard-metal" bands combining sludgy doom and Clutch-style rocking. You've heard this before...possibly more than once...but these burly beach-diggers are mighty good at what they do. They get the perfect thick and muddy guitar tone reeking of analog, they pick colossal grooving riffs that are tested and true and ram them into your brain and they delve deeply into all the sword-and-sorcery cliches that are part and parcel of the sludge/stoner movement.
What makes Clamfight a little different is that they aren't afraid to pick up the pace and let rip with some aggressive, thrash-like parts..."Sandriders" and "Shadow Line" are examples where that extra hot sauce makes you want to mosh. There are some death metal grumbles along with the typical bearded roars as well.

On a couple of cuts, the unoriginality of the material makes it sound lackluster...the title track ironically being the biggest offender, but although I wanted to rake these guys as "just another sludge rock band", awesome tracks like "The Green Gods of Yag", "Stealing The Ghost Horse" and "Age of Reptiles" just kick too much ass and I must yield to the mollusk metal of Clamfight. I suspect you will, too.