“Product of My Environment”  

by Thor

Maryland’s ultra-grimy OSDM/grindcore monstrosity JARHEAD FERTILIZER has unleashed its debut album “Product of My Environment” and the results aren’t pretty. I mean that in the nicest possible way, though.

I’ve never heard of these guys until I let this promo rip through my ears buds and—holy shit!--I’m glad to have stumbled into this miasma of befouled instrumentation and brutal anguish. The music here is disgustingly heavy and dirty. The album’s got riffs for days and an actual VIBE which is like modern metal production’s unicorn. It’s the kind of record you come away from covered in toxic mold and the thick stank of putrefying corpses stuck in your nostrils.

Like a lot of bands right now, JARHEAD FERTILIZER plays mostly an old school ode to the death metal  of legend; the death metal of my youth. But what separates these guys from the rest of the herd is their tendency to blend in elements from other extreme metal/punk subgenres, whether its the conceptual nods to grindcore or the occasional appearances from brick-breaking, crab-walking slam riffs, there’s a lot to like.

JARHEAD FERTILIZER’s “Product of My Environment” is a short, violent collection of tunes that ends up being a surprisingly unique blend of some really familiar flavors. In 2021, that’s quite a needle to thread. Fans of bands like GENOCIDE PACT, GATECREEPER and CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN should dig this. Go get it!