“Relentless Mutation”

By El Chief

If you've wondered what happened to Nathan Explosion after Cartoon Network mothballed Metalocalypse, then wonder no more: He's fronting Canada's Archspire. Okay, not really. After all, Nathan is just a cartoon character voiced by Brendan Small. But you can't help but think about Dethklok the very moment lead singer Oliver Rae Aleron growls into the microphone. 

Peters and the rest of his technical death metal crew have returned for a new disc entitled "Relentless Mutation." It's an effort that starts slowly before finishing strong. Opening track "Involuntary Doppelganger" has a deathcore feel to it, which if you know me, is not a good thing. But hang with it. The second track "Human Murmuration" opens with the kind of atmospheric build-up and sprawling guitar licks similar to The Ocean. Hideous title aside, "Remote Tumour Seeker" is an absolute head banger. Then it's back to playing around with tone and theme on "Relentless Mutation." Here the band stretches out their sound with a clever bend of tempo-shifting fills. The song leads into a trio of fist pounders that closes out the band's third-full length effort.

If you're a fan of challenging death metal, give this group a spin.