"When The Moon Sang Our Songs"

By Octopi Mills

This appears to be a Slovenic black metal demo re-released from 2014. After a wild intro that sounds like villagers practicing pagan rites in the wilderness hills a song come to the front that reminds me of Darkthrone's “As Flittermice as Satan's Spys”- it has that deep trance inducing feel though eventually goes into other things and I am interested deeply at the very beginning. Production is great and others would do well in the modern world to achieve such an organic result as if it were recorded in an old dungeon somewhere in mountains that are cursed . tThe atmosphere is perfect and like travelling through a storm or thick mist. Vocals are old school black metal sounding like demons obscured by a thin veil from this world to the next and are classic at times being outright weird and strange in their own right. I listen on as I sit in my dark chamber and there in fact is an actual rain storm that is outside..

We have here classic black metal that is like folk music in that it is natural to its class. There is the elemental nature of wild nature and rawer, pure elements which seems  to worship certain aspects of nature : bats, night, darkness, medieval ruins, the moon. In this way black metal is really folk music itself when done right and though of a different spectrum it is still like traditional folk music in that it adheres not to be so different in creation as to just do a natural thing and in doing this it thus finds it's own identity and creativity by following the orthodox path. There are ambient moments that comprise the empty spaces at times that are not filler or wasting time as others do at your expense. Strings vary and do great things in this style and the music and recording is very original and not like nearly all of the other ones who follow and sound boring and same.       

 In some ways that even outdo the masters of old as they create a perfect collection here that is worthy to set beside or above these masterpieces. I will be finding the rest of their music and feel I have found something I longed to hear for awhile when I do these reviews, and if this counts as an album of the year you will surely find it on my list for 2018. I would advise this on a drive in the rain or on headphones while walking through wooded or natural darkness in the middle of no-where. Good find, Doc.