By Derelikt Waugh

Ireland’s Malthusian operate in a very dank, dark and dangerous nether region of death metal’s blackest underbelly, a place where bands like Pan-Thy-Monium and Portal seem quite at home. This is strange, dissonant and positively jarring metal; metal that seems constantly on the verge of complete madness. It never teeters off the precipice into full-blown chaos though. Every song stretches and distorts, goes off in unimaginably bizarre directions, increases the pace to speedy blast-ridden gallops, only to slowly slide into doom-laden, languid crawls.

 “MMXIII” is the sound of a death metal band who has managed to capture the essence of the outré and the magnificently deranged and convert it into a precise and artful brutality. It’s all the best elements of Portal and Timeghoul combined with excellent production and a black-as-pitch atmosphere that truly weaves a spell of unease and fear. This effort is a mere three songs, but not one of them displays a single sign of weakness in the Malthusian armor. I’m instantly a convert and am now officially foaming at the mouth for a full length album. Malthusian is definitely a band to watch and “MMXIII” is a demo you need to hear. BUY OR DIE!!!