“Methods of Human Disposal”

By Dr. Abner Mality

You wanna know what the ugly side of New York is like, pick up this record. GRAVESEND makes AGNOSTIC FRONT sound as dangerous as SKILLET. This is a bowling shoe ugly eruption of white noise grindcore mixed with the most brutal hardcore imaginable.  If you like filthy extreme music, this will get 2021 off to a rough start.

First three tracks set the tone. “Fear City”, surprisingly, is an ominous synth soundscape mixed with urban samples. It bleeds into the crushing, almost doom paced hardcore brutality of “STH-10”. This is the slower side of GRAVESEND that reminds me a lot of the late, lamented WEEKEND NACHOS. Then the grind kicks in with the title track and wow, it’s a white-hot burst of extremity.

From there forward, we get more of the same in bite-sized chunks of grueling audio pain. I have to say it’s those slower breakdowns that make the biggest impression on me. Tracks like  “End of the Line”, “Trinity Burning” and “Scum Breeds Scum” have riffs so huge, it would take a day to walk around them. Just devastating. But we also get lots of breakneck superfast grind and the occasional evil mix of synth and sample. There’s a feeling of urban decay and insanity that hovers over the whole thing.

20 Buck Spin sure knows how to kickstart a lousy year…