“Warning Blast”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Autopsy’s Chris Reifert fronting a band made up of Asphyx and Hail of Bullets members? Count me in! That is a “can’t miss proposition” if you’re into death metal of the tried and true variety and Siege of Power delivers EXACTLY what you think they would. This is a no-frills beatdown.

Reifert puts the same demented sickness into his voice here that he does with Autopsy and his other project Violation Wound. He sounds like he just broke out of the violent ward of the asylum. As for the music, it is mostly short and brutal blasts of ultra-crunchy but catchy riffing like a stripped down version of Asphyx. I understand these guys knocked out these songs virtually on the spot and it sounds that way. There’s also a lot of tuneage here to devour….perhaps a tad too much. 14 songs is stretching it. But this beating comes so rapid fire that you don’t have much of a chance to get bored.

Some of my faves here are the supremely groovy “Lost and Insane”,  the savagely brief rippers “Uglification” and “Diatribe” and the very Asphyxish “It Will Never Happen”. Only “The Cold Room” exceeds four minutes and that’s just about as long as these songs can go before losing power.

You can’t go wrong with a head-on collision of Autopsy and Asphyx so prepare yourself for Siege!