MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES : Midwest Flesh Feast!

By Theron Moore

I came into contact with Josh DeMuth on Facebook.  Go figure.  It actually is a great place for social networking.  He said he was in a death metal band, “Mutilated by Zombies.”  Got me right there with that name!  Josh was kind enough to send me the band’s first two releases -- “Better off a Corpse” and “Cymatics of Death.”  And holy hell, are they good.  MBZ is a band to keep an eye on in the future.  If the band is playing anywhere near you, catch ‘em live and buy ‘em a beer.
WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Introduce the band members and give us a brief bio of the band if you will…
MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES:  Greg Mueller-Drums, Jason Guler-Bass, Josh DeMuth-Guitar/Vocals. Formed in 2008 focusing on creating Death Metal reminiscent of old school in an attempt to bring back that old style that we love with a bit of a modern feel.
WC:  For those not familiar, where are you from and what’s the metal scene like where you’re at?  What bands are you recommending, who do we need to know about?
MBZ:  We are from Dubuque, IA, born and raised. Here the music scene in general is active and pretty decent except for one thing: extreme metal shows are very rare. When we do play in our hometown the die hards always attend and for that we are grateful. One band from Dubuque that we recommend is Dredge, they are killer!
WC:  What was that one point in time that got you into death metal?  Was it a band, a song?  What was the appeal?
JOSH DeMUTH: For me it was Morbid Angel. I played in a band called Strych9 who opened for them in '03. At the time I had never heard of them and was mostly was a fan of nu-metal until I heard the insane drumming, ripping guitars and guttural vocals, I knew then what I wanted to do musically for the rest of my life.
GREG MUELLER: I would say it was when I was in junior high.  I first heard The Black Dahlia Murder song “Miasma.” Something about the up tempo drumming and aggressive, yet melodic, guitar playing really peaked my interest. It made me want to become a better musician and opened my ears to a whole new spectrum of what could be played musically.
JASON GULER: I can't pin point the exact time, band, or song that got me into DM but it was something I worked my way up to over the years having listened to older Metallica and other metal bands of that era. when I was a teenager I discovered bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and still one of my favorites, Dying Fetus, just to name a few. Once I was subjected to the guttural vocals and intricacies of the music I was hooked for life.


WC:  What, if anything, is missing from today's modern metal scene?  From my perspective it seems like the element of "fun" might be one thing.  That and originality.  What’s your perspective?
MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES:  We are pretty happy with today’s metal scene as a whole. There is a huge variety from tech death to slam bands and they all have one thing in common, they're heavy!
WC:  You’ve got two records out.  “Better Off A Corpse” and “Cymatics of Death.”  Where can fans find them?  iTunes, bandcamp, etc?  And what does Cymatic mean?

MBZ:  Physical copies of our albums can be purchased from our online merch store at At this time, we don't have anything available for download but this will change when we release our EP this summer so keep your eyes peeled!

'Cymatics' are the study of sound and vibration made visible, our fictional idea for that album was to bring the dead to life through the vibration of our music.
WC:  Sonically there’s a lot of growth between the two aforementioned records, what was happening with the band during that time?  “Cymatics...” is tighter than fuck, great production -- not that the other wasn’t but “Cymatics…” really is almost flawless sounding.
MBZ:  When we decided to record "Better off a Corpse" we didn't have much knowledge or experience with recording so we hired a friend with equipment to help us out, and fuck.... that was a nightmare!While recording B.O.A.C. Greg had learned a TON about the process and decided to invest in the proper equipment. In between we were playing shows and writing new material which would become "Cymatics of Death." When it was finished, we set up in Greg’s basement and let him handle it. We too were happy with that recording and hope to deliver the same quality, if not better, for our upcoming EP.

WC:  Lyrically and musically, what gets you inspired, is it other bands, movies, TV, real life, etc.?
MBZ:  Inspiration comes from all of those things really. Metal in general; Horror, Movies and real life impact our sound and lyrical content. Hell, sometimes real life can be far more brutal than movies and horror!
WC:  Who are some of the old school bands you admire that had a hand in shaping your sound?
MBZ:  Some great examples would be Deicide, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Death, Nile etc. So many great acts that have influenced us.

WC:  Which big name bands we might know that you’ve opened up for or shared the bill with thus far?

MBZ:  We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Macabre, Jungle Rot, Master, Black Tusk, Allegaeon, Hemlock and Mobile Deathcamp. Could be a few that we are forgetting but there will be many more.
WC:  What do metal fans need to know about Mutiliated by Zombies?  What sets you apart from other death metal bands?
MBZ:  It's very tough being original in Death Metal nowadays. What we would like to think sets us aside from newer DM bands is that we try hard to pay homage to the pioneers while incorporating our own modern style. Our goal is to gain new young fans and still appeal to the OSDM crowd. It is on the rise again and we will deliver even though we didn't grow up in that generation
WC:Where can metal fans connect with you?  Do you have a Facebook page or website with audio samples on it?
MBZ:  We have a Facebook page where fans can keep updated on what we're doing and where we'll be playing. We are also on ReverbNation and Sonicbids where music and videos can be found.
WC:  Describe a typical gig.  Is the scene well supported, how often do you play live?  What's the average crowd size?
MBZ:  We typically play throughout the Midwest, usually once or twice a month and crowds vary but we have a decent following wherever we go. Whether the crowd is big or small, we throw down!
WC:  Has there been any label interest yet?
MBZ:  We haven't really talked much about label support nor have we been approached but hey, who knows what the future will bring!
WC:  When you’re not crushing metal, what day jobs do you all work?

Josh- Cook at a senior care facility
Greg- Construction
Jason- Shipping
WC:  What other information do you want to include that I didn't cover?
MBZ:  New material will be released this summer, we will be promoting the shit out of it and playing as many shows as possible so follow us on Facebook for updates! Thank you and all of our fans for the support!